It's about telling a story.

Your iPhone's not just for texting. It's a powerful storytelling machine. Learn to shoot and edit scroll-stopping videos with your iPhone.


Free iPhone video guides:

iPhone Video Resource Kit

This 8-page PDF shows you the tools you need to get started creating videos. 


Craft Your Powerful Story on Video

Not all videos are created equal. The good ones have stories. Learn to tell yours.


The Storyographist was founded by Cielo de la Paz, one of those “Shot on iPhone” Apple billboard photographers and filmmakers. 

Cielo has been teaching mobile visual storytelling, for several years and speaks and teaches iPhone filmmaking and videography at firms, conferences, schools, and large organizations around the world.


Shot on iPhone Billboard at Las Ramblas, Barcelona


Apple Shot on iPhone Commercial

Shot on iPhone Billboard along the freeway

What students have to say:

Great course! Lots of practical information, tools, tricks, and  hands on practice. Cielo is very knowledgeable and committed to helping students accomplish their goals.

 Pilar Niño - Telemundo Reporter

Cielo did a great job. She’s a natural at teaching.

 Gerald Mack - CBS Executive

I feel so empowered now! I’m excited to test my newly acquired knowledge and get creative.

Vidita Subareo - Women’s Fashion CEO

Really really impressed by Cielo’s super dynamic, value-packed presentation.

— Chris Strub  - Author & Salvation Army Red Kettle Ambassador

Thanks for this awesome tutorial! Very clear, easy to follow explanations of editing and producing a video.

— Toeffler NieMuth

I loved her class. It was so fun and I learned a ton!

Tinling Choong - Stanford Student

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